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Race Days

Kiss Me Dirty 5K Mud Run My first mud run! I was so excited to run with Linda and get muddy! It was really fun to not be afraid to get dirty. The very first obstacle required you to get muddy and wet up to your thighs, so after that you were not afraid to […]

Family Pictures

We got our family photos taken a few months ago while we were in Utah. I just realized I never got around to posting them! Here are a few of my favorites. Lucy was cute while we were taking pictures! She smiled so cute every time the photographer tickled her or got close and made […]

A Thanksgiving Toast

We have gone to Sacramento three of the four years we’ve lived in San Jose (we didn’t trek out there the week after Charlotte was born, sorry!). We love having the Pratt family so close. It is so fun to plan trips and spend holidays together. The highlights of this Thanksgiving was the fun times […]

Painting Party

Friday night I was preparing for Charlotte’s birthday party when I had this really fun idea. I used some streamers and balloons I had on hand and put them up on Charlotte’s door as a birthday surprise. “She’ll love it,” I thought. Ha! I couldn’t have been more wrong. She stared at those streamers & […]

Six Flags and More Butterflies

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Last Saturday we went to Six Flags to meet up with Chris’ sister and her family. When just Chris and I go to Six Flags we generally only ride the big roller coasters. As we stand in line for the giant roller coasters, we get funny looks from the people around […]

Monarch Butterflies

You don’t often think about going to the beach in November, especially if the purpose of your trip is to see butterflies… but at Natural Bridges State Beach they have a grove of Eucalyptus trees which are a butterfly haven. Based on their migration patterns, the best time to see a ton of butterflies is […]

Halloween Haunts

I’ve officially decided that fall is my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, in San Jose it is still pretty warm in the “fall”. Fall around here is more defined by the activities you do than the temperature and weather.  Uesugi Pumpkin Patch This was by far the biggest and most elaborate pumpkin patch we visited […]

Twins Separated by 21 months?

Since the first time I looked at Lucy, I have felt like it is just like having baby Charlotte all over again. Lucy reminds me so much of Charlotte I thought I would compare their pictures side by side. Charlotte Lucy Lucy Charlotte Lucy Charlotte  The more I stared at their pictures trying to find […]

These are a few of her favorite things…

Charlotte loves to go places with me. Every time I mention the word ‘go’ I have to be ready to walk out the door. Once she hears we are going somewhere it’s all she talks about and she wants to leave right now. She has one pair of shoes that she can get on by herself […]

Five Years Later

We celebrated our five year anniversary this month. We can’t believe it has already been five years since this: For our fifth year anniversary, we wanted to do something a little bit special. We had two different date nights. The first night, we went out to La Fondue and did the full course meal. Yum! […]