Prague’s Beautiful Buildings and Trdelnik

We once had a couchsurfer stay with us who was from Prague. I remember talking with them and hearing about Prague. It sounded so amazing. We even looked up his house/apartment on google maps and explored the area via google. Ever since then, I’ve always wanted to visit Prague. I was so excited to finally be here.

One afternoon we headed to Petril Hill. It’s a nice little place to get away from the city with lots of park space and a good view of the surrounding city. We took the little funicular up to the top and started wandering around. The Petrin Observation Tower was meant to be a mini version of the Eiffel Tower built just a few years after.

The girls love to have some time to run around and stop to look at the roses (they don’t know how to purposely smell/sniff). It was a very relaxing evening, which is always a nice break from our hustle and bustle schedule sometimes.

The mirror maze on Petrin Hill had very mixed reviews. We decided it was worth a shot and paid the few dollars to get in. My opinion: if you’re a group of adults, totally not worth it. The maze was ridiculously short and definitely not complicated. But if you’ve got toddlers to entertain and be entertained by…. it’s worth a stop. The girls didn’t like the maze part, but the room with bent mirrors was hilarious to them. We spent most of our time in the mirror room making our arms and legs look super long or super short.

Quick! Get a ladder! Ha, just a statue.

Walking tours are not Chris’ favorite activities, but I love them. Sometimes I feel like if you head straight for the few big ticket tourist sites and then head straight back out, you’ll never really know the city. You discover things and get to know the city as you walk around!

I loved gawking at these beautiful buildings, and I love the detailed architecture.

More bubbles! We’ve seen these in several cities. Here (I don’t know about other cities) it looked like the bubbles are just sitting in the square and anyone can use the wand to make bubbles and collect the tips they earn.

Keepin’ it real. In case you thought it was all smiles and giggles the whole three months, here’s more proof they do get tired and grouchy, just like all toddlers.

Trdelnik is bread that is cooked over coals like this and coated with sugar. It’s warm and delicious! It was a nice treat to have as we finished our walking tour.

As it neared sunset, we headed toward the famous Charles Bridge. The picture below is the square right by the entrance to the bridge. It was beautiful this time of day.

We had come to the bridge a day or two earlier and tried to enjoy a nice evening walk along the bridge, when suddenly it started pouring rain! We were halfway across the bridge when it started sprinkling a bit, but then just a minute later the heavens opened and it poured down. We ran and tried to find shelter. Unfortunately, with so many people caught off guard by the rain, nearly every little nook and cranny with shelter from the rain was already taken. We kept running and running toward where we had intended on eating dinner. The street address and google were not especially helpful and we kept backtracking. We finally sent Chris off to find the restaurant while the girls and I stood in a slightly sheltered spot.

We found the restaurant and we were really excited because the restaurant served sweet and savory crepes. Sadly, it was very disappointing. Everything was bland, and we ordered too much food not knowing how big the savory crepes were. Pouring rain and a disappointing dinner — you win some, you lose some. But we certainly made some memories!

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