St. Stephens and More Music

Who doesn’t want to start their day with donuts? We happened to walk past the Donuteria donut shop, and it just called out to us. They had some very unique flavors — not like our Psycho/Voodoo/weird donuts that create random combinations of powdered sugar, bacon, cucumbers, and pet dander. No, this is a much more refined kind of unique, like something you’d cram into your face on the way to the Vienna Opera house. We tried a donut that was named ‘Mozart,’ which was marzipan and chocolate, and another was hazelnut nougat. Both were incredible, as you’d expect. Expensive ($4/donut), but delicious.

After our donut detour, we finished walking to the Haus der Musik. This museum had lots of hands-on displays that taught all about classical composers, music, and sound. Our favorite activity was the interactive display that allowed you to try your hand at directing a virtual version of the Vienna orchestra. We all took a turn trying to lead a song. It’s pretty good at following the baton as you direct the music, but if you go way too fast, too slow, or too erratic, the orchestra stops playing and the musicians groan and boo at you.

The Haus der Musik had a lot of different sounds and things for children to listen to. It took a while for Charlotte and Lucy to get comfortable putting strange looking pipes and speakers next to their ears, but eventually they gathered the courage to listen and found the variety of sounds to be quite entertaining.

I always enjoy a walk around the city. The buildings have such wonderful character! It’s beautiful.

On our way to St. Stephen’s Cathedral we passed by a movie in the making! I wasn’t able to figure out what movie it was, but we got to watch a scene as they were filming it. Really awesome to see how everything revolves only around what the camera sees. People stand off to the side just waiting for their moment when they walk past the main characters. It looks a little silly in real life, but I’m sure it looked great on camera! We didn’t linger for too long because the kids were getting impatient and a bit noisy. They shushed us, so we pressed onward.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is beautiful. And while it’s hard to see from the ground, the roof is ornately tiled to create a mosaic of the city of Vienna coat of arms and Republic of Austria on one side and on the other side, the double-headed eagle which is the symbol of the Hapsburgs.

Charlotte and Lucy love playing with Aunt Courtney. They will be so sad when she has to leave.

Funny story, about a week after this afternoon outing to St. Stephens Cathedral, Chris was reading something on the internet about credit card skimming. Turns out, someone posted on their blog about finding an actual credit card skimmer “out in the wild,” meaning they spotted a real one in action on an ATM. Well, he found it at an ATM in the plaza of St. Stephens Cathedral, precisely where we were. And he found it the very next day after we were there. Thankfully we didn’t need an ATM that day. Watch the video and check your ATM machines, people!

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