Greek Island: Aegina

Our Airbnb host said a visit to Greece was not complete without visiting one of the islands. We only had one day left, so we picked an island nearby. Aegina here we come!

The ferry ride over to the island was quite full, but we found some comfortable seats and sat next to another family with little kids. They let Charlotte and Lucy watch their movie with them. After getting off the boat, the first thing we saw was a pistachio stand. Their unique brand had an added hint of lemon, which made those pistachios delicious! And they sold much more than just pistachios. They had desserts made with pistachios and even pistachio pasta sauce. Lots of pistachios are grown on the island, so there are many sellers and loads of pistachio-anything to buy. We found a nice restaurant to eat lunch, and I had the pistachio pasta. Mmmm…

After lunch we walked along the coastline and found a nice little spot to sit, play in the sand, and dip our toes into the water.

We were running a little late to get on the returning ferry, so we were really hustling to get to the boat. But suddenly we realized that, despite taking many samples, we hadn’t purchased any precious pistachios yet! We were saving that errand until we passed by on the way back to the boat. Chris was the hero and ran ahead to buy them. We munched on those pistachios for several weeks after we left Greece. They were a really tasty snack and even Charlotte and Lucy loved them.

While on the ferry, Charlotte spotted a few toys for sale. She really wanted one, but we resisted as we didn’t want to pay $10 for a cheap plastic dollar-store toy. However, as we passed by, I noticed it was actually only $1.50 so we bargained for good behavior and then went to buy the plastic happiness. She was so excited to buy the toy herself.

My sister and I were posing for pictures (like the one below), but one particular shot wasn’t terribly flattering. Chris showed it to Courtney and made some comment about it and for some reason that just tickled my sister’s funny bone. She busted up laughing. Hard. And she couldn’t seem to stop. Tears of laughter were rolling down her cheeks for nearly 10 minutes. Sadly, Chris had already deleted the offending photo, so I can’t share it with you, but I’m pretty sure my sister laughed so hard her sides split.

Do you see those tears of laughter?!?

Our last day in Greece! We had a couple of hours before we had to head to the airport, so we walked to a few historic sites not far from our apartment (the Arch of Hadrian and the Temple of Olmpian Zeus). We got out early, but it was still roasting outside so we were quite lethargic about our sight-seeing.

Happy Father’s Day! We celebrated Father’s Day with a fun little questionnaire. For the last two years I’ve asked the girls questions about Dad (like favorite foods, what is daddy’s job, etc.) and then I read it to him on Father’s Day. The answers are pretty awesome, and I can’t wait to have a fun collection of these many years from now.

Here’s a few of my favorite answers:

What’s daddy’s job?: Getting work done (Charlotte).

How old is daddy?: If I say 3, say no. Is he 6? (Charlotte).

What’s daddy’s favorite food?: cheese, hamburgers, chicken wings (Charlotte) oatmeal (Lucy – oatmeal is actually her favorite)

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