Isenfluh: Monster Trotti

The lovely Swiss family who had us over for dinner on Sunday recommended we head to the tiny “town” (village? small collection of houses?) Isenfluh, Switzerland and ride a Monster Trotti down the mountain. It sounded awesome. We took several trains and a bus ride to get all the way up to Isenfluh, but it was worth it. Isenfluh is another town in the Berner Oberland region (same as the Schilthorn), so the journey up to Isenfluh had amazing  views. Beautiful country.

From Isenfluh, we left Char and Lucy with Grandma and Grandpa, and then we took a cable car (my favorite!) to go higher on the mountain. Up at the top there is a small building and these big wheeled scooters called ‘Monster Trotti.’ You grab a scooter, a helmet and take off down the road back to Isenfluh.

The scooters were really fun and easy to ride. The first part of the trail was a bit steep, so I was braking quite a bit. But the last half was perfect for enjoying the ride and getting a little wind in your hair. The views were absolutely stunning. We stopped constantly to take it all in and let Chris take another picture. Our ride back down probably took twice as long as it should have because we stopped so much, but we enjoyed every minute of it.

This was easily one of Chris’ favorite activities. He still talks about it. Here’s just a small glimpse of his excitement.

After we got back down to Isenfluh, my in-laws took the cable car up to enjoy their turn on the Monster Trotti. We gave them a few tips on how to use the scooters and waved goodbye!

When we told Charlotte that we were going to be riding scooters today, she got really excited. After we waved at Grandma and Papa going up the cable car, we let Charlotte and Lucy have a few short rides with dad on the scooters. They both thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Lucy kept herself entertained by washing rocks. Someone’s gotta do it.

We ordered lunch while waiting for Grandma and Papa to get back down the mountain. This little restaurant on the side of the mountain (the only restaurant in town) had the most delicious food. I tried Rosti, (which is like hashbrowns but with cheese on top and meant for lunch/dinner — can life get better?) and it was really, really good.

And here they are! They made it down the mountain!

After lunch, our group split up. Grandma and Papa headed back to Lucerne to retrieve Papa’s beloved hat. It was no ordinary hat. This hat has been lost or sunk multiple times, and miraculously it keeps showing up. So Papa wasn’t about to just let it go when it was accidentally forgotten at the museum the day before. So while they headed for the hat (see what I did there?), my little family rode the cable car back to Gimmelwald. Since we didn’t have much time on our first visit here, and we were already so close (just one cable car ride away) we decided to head back up and enjoy a slow walk through town.

We made our obligatory stop at the Gimmelwald park. She didn’t say it, but she didn’t have to. Charlotte’s face says it all, “Moooom, can I play now and stop saying cheese?!?”

My turn to try the slide!

We went back to the ‘Honesty Shop’ in Gimmelwald (it’s an un-staffed store where you just leave money in the jar for the items you purchased). We bought a Rivella, which is a carbonated drink (like a soda) but it’s a Swiss brand and flavor. It was pretty tasty.

If you’re wondering why Lucy has no shirt on in that last picture, it’s because our stop at the water trough ended with Lucy soaking wet. It was not a super hot day, so we thought it might be better to take off her shirt and let it dry.

We made it to the end of the little village, and I found a great bench to just sit and relax on. Chris seemed to have boundless energy and wanted to take more pictures. So Chris took off with the camera, and I sat with the girls enjoying the view. About 7 minutes into this relaxing moment, Charlotte looks at me with panic in her eyes and says, “I have to go potty!!” Perfect. I have no idea where a potty is or where Chris is. We pack up the stroller and go running back to the other side of the village and the shops. Long story short — we made it. Thank heavens. Chris eventually found us and the below pictures are the ones he took while out on his picture taking stroll. Enjoy!

Here’s a bonus picture for you. In America, the grocery stores have a candy aisle. In Switzerland, they have a chocolate aisle! Switzerland knows how to do chocolate! How do you even begin to choose???

And just like that, our time in Switzerland is at an end. Next stop: Italy!

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  1. Darwin
    Darwin says:

    You’re making that Swiss trip look pretty attractive, especially when it’s almost 100 degrees outside right now!!


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