Scenic Switzerland

Huzzah! The blog finally made it to Switzerland. I know you were starting to wonder if we were ever going to make it out of Barcelona. Or wondering if Barcelona was the only city we were going to visit while in Europe. But lo and behold, we’re moving on! While we are currently exploring a different country, the blog is sluggishly lagging behind. But, it’s still fun to read? Right?? Hopefully.

The Swiss Alps looked incredible from the airplane. Lucy loved looking out the window at the huuuge mountains.

Did I mention we took an early flight? I’m so jealous because Chris can fall asleep in about five seconds. Three seconds if he’s really tired. He must get it from his dad (also asleep across the aisle).

Our train route from Geneva airport to Bern was gorgeous (though we switched from train to train more times that we really wanted with all our luggage). The highlight was the Goldenpass train from Montreaux to Zweisimmen. It is one of the most scenic train journeys in Europe, and takes you through some beautiful mountain ranges with amazing views. Our scenic train ride ended in Bern where we settled into our apartment after a long day of travel.

Switzerland has lots of beautiful, quaint looking countryside. We definitely took too many pictures. I’ll spare you the 10,000 pictures and only post a few of the best (I’m pretty sure my computer is going to run out of space because we take soooo many pictures every day).

For having been woken up early in the morning to catch a plane, and then ride train after train after train, the kids did really well today. We kept them entertained with cards and coloring, but of course their favorite activity is sitting on mom’s lap. Awesome.

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