Barcelona’s Best for Last

We saved three of Barcelona’s best tourist attractions until last. We first went on a tour of the Palace of Catalan Music; it is a beautiful art nouveau building. The sculptures on the walls of the stage in the below picture are really interesting. The bottom of the figure is simply a mosaic on the wall, while from about the chest up they are sculptures that extend beyond the flat wall. They are coming to life right before your very eyes.

My favorite activity in Barcelona was visiting La Sagrada Familia. La Sagrada Familia stands out from it’s surroundings like a flamingo in a group of penguins. And while the exterior takes some time to fully view and appreciate, the inside of the church is instantly stunning. I love it.

When we arrived at La Sagrada Familia without having pre-purchased tickets, we discovered the next available tickets were for a little over an hour away. So, we sent the men off to hunt and gather food while we took the kids to the park. And what an awesome park! I got to sit there and admire La Sagrada while Charlotte and Lucy got to play and build sandcastles with plastic spoons.

The old next to the new. Parts of the building are already over 100 years old!

It’s impossible to fully grasp the grandeur of La Sagrada Familia. When you walk in the entrance and look up, your jaw instantly drops. The ceiling has so many different levels and illusions, it instantly begins playing mind games with your head. The sense of depth perception gets confused for a few moments as you try to comprehend the structure. I found myself just staring at the ceiling for a good 30 seconds before a screaming child broke my gaze. Pictures cannot do it justice. You must see this in person.

The stained glass windows were really cool. There is a row of about 8 large stained glass windows like the one below. The first window started off with mostly a green hue and each window changes slightly in color. By the third or fourth window it is mostly blue, and the last window has turned to purple. It’s beautiful. And on the opposite wall it has the same row of windows but with an orange & red range of colors.

For some reason, this turtle captured their attention. Several times they insisted we go back outside to look at the turtle again.

Jumping keeps Lucy entertained for quite a while.

We went out after dinner for a short date night to see the Magic Fountain. It was a spectacular show of light, water, and music. While the first show (about 20 minutes long) used classical music, the second was a “top hits” compilation. I thought it was interesting that across the globe the same “Top 40 Hits” are played and recognized by so many people.

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