Barcelona Barri Gotic: Part 2

We finally got back to the Barri Gotic to finish our walking tour. Without skipping a beat, we picked up right where we left off. Now that we have walked these streets more than once, I start to actually know where I am. I’m sure I’ll feel this way in every city… right before we leave for the next country.

Placa Sant Felip Neri is a cute little plaza with a church that is still damaged from the Spanish Civil War.  You can see in the second picture below that the bottom part of the building is quite damaged.

These streets were especially narrow. It feels like the older the neighborhood, the narrower the streets.

And here it is, the oldest part of Barcelona! These few columns are all that’s left of the Roman temple that once stood here.

Church on Sunday was an interesting experience. I only know a handful of Spanish words, but it was fun to simply hear them speak and listen to the language. The first speaker spoke very quickly and it was difficult for me to catch even simple words that I might otherwise recognize, but the second speaker spoke much slower.

On a funny side note, now that we have been around people speaking other languages for so long, Charlotte has started making up her own words. She completely mimics how we explain things to her. She will say a few made up words and then she will look at you and tell you what those words mean in English. It’s nice that she’s willing to translate for us.

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  1. Darwin
    Darwin says:

    You just start feeling like a native and then, “whoosh”, you’re off to another foreign land. It’s got to be exciting and a little disorienting at times. Do you wake up in the middle of the night and feel confused, i.e. What day is it? What country am I in?

    • jonesaccount
      jonesaccount says:

      Yes! It happens frequently when we move to a new place. The first morning I wake up and wonder where I am. As for days of the weeks, I never have ANY idea. I thought for sure it was like Thursday, turns out it was Monday.

  2. Denise Payne
    Denise Payne says:

    I am really enjoying the pictures and sharing what you have been doing. Those girls are so beautiful. I’ll bet they are growing closer as sisters. It is so fun to laugh and giggle with your sister.


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