Kiss Me Dirty 5K Mud Run
My first mud run! I was so excited to run with Linda and get muddy! It was really fun to not be afraid to get dirty. The very first obstacle required you to get muddy and wet up to your thighs, so after that you were not afraid to just dig in and get dirty. The obstacles were fun, but not too difficult. I think the hardest part was running with a ton of mud stuck to the bottom of my shoes. It seriously felt like my feet were now bricks. I got a few rocks in my shoes throughout the race, but it didn’t cause any blisters.
Right at the end of the mud run they threw pink color on everyone. As you can see in the picture, Linda got pelted in the face with the pink powder. As we were walking back to our car I saw some puddles and I thought, “why not? I’m already muddy.” So we both splashed in the puddles for a few minutes before heading back to the car and cleaning up.

Linda though it would be fun if we coordinated and went a little crazy. She bought superhero underwear for us to wear for the race. It was super cool and made us super speedy 🙂

Western Pacific 10K

The next weekend I headed to Fremont to run my 10k. I was not quite as prepared for this race as I had hoped to be. Most mornings I was somehow able to talk myself out of running. Needless to say, it was not my fastest 10K, but I’m glad I did it.

The morning started out nice and cool. It was a beautiful morning and perfect for a run. The sun was just starting to peak through the clouds as the half marathon runners started their race.

About halfway through the race, the sun came out in full force and it started to get pretty hot. The trail was flat (thank heaven!) but there wasn’t much shade. I didn’t think about the heat too much though because I was focused on finishing the race.

Since my time on this race was a little disappointing, and I still feel like I’m just starting to get back into running I think I will be doing one more race closer to the end of the summer. I’m not quite sure when, were, or what yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll run again!

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