We have gone to Sacramento three of the four years we’ve lived in San Jose (we didn’t trek out there the week after Charlotte was born, sorry!). We love having the Pratt family so close. It is so fun to plan trips and spend holidays together. The highlights of this Thanksgiving was the fun times we had in the kitchen cooking together, a late night run to Krispy Kreme’s, and having Jenn join us from Hawaii. 
My nieces are getting older now, and they all did a great job cooking or helping with some part of the Thanksgiving dinner. Even Miriam helped set the table!

Claire made a really delicious banana creme pie. Grace helped with the sweet potatoes. And yes, these were the most sugary, delicious sweet potatoes ever. It was practically dessert. Yum!

Charlotte loved the rolls. She wanted to be like everyone else, so she used her knife and fork to try to eat her roll.

Levi was such a good sport. Charlotte had been asking to “hug Levi” for at least a week before we finally headed to Sacramento to visit them for Thanksgiving. Charlotte was Levi’s little shadow for the few days we were there. She thinks he is the greatest and loves to play games with him. Thanks for being a great cousin Levi!

Just in case you were ever curious, this is what happens when you leave a bottle or Martinelli’s in the freezer for too long. Oops!

It was so fun to have Jenn with us for Thanksgiving. She was visiting from Hawaii and only a month away from having her sixth baby!

It’s always hard to say goodbye to your favorite cousins.

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