Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Last Saturday we went to Six Flags to meet up with Chris’ sister and her family. When just Chris and I go to Six Flags we generally only ride the big roller coasters. As we stand in line for the giant roller coasters, we get funny looks from the people around us. I generally have Lucy in the Bjorn and Chris pushes Charlotte in the stroller. We look a little bit out of place among the teens. I told Chris, “I’m too young to be old!” We have not yet embraced that we have little kids and can’t always do exactly what we used to without kids. So far, it still works, but one of these days we will have to accept it.
After a few major rides, we went to find some of the animals and kiddie rides for Charlotte. This is Charlotte’s first encounter with a real tiger. He doesn’t look much like Daniel Tiger, and I don’t think he would be quite as friendly…. or sing as many songs.
Safari ride!

Lucy and I waited while Chris took Charlotte on a ride.

After seeing Charlotte get scared going down the slide at the park, I did NOT think she would enjoy this ride. Chris insisted she should try it, so I consented and he went with her. I was very surprised that she only got a little scared about halfway through the ride. She did very well! Maybe we’ll have to try the slide again.

Six Flags has a butterfly exhibit! Charlotte was so excited to see even more butterflies. She just walks around saying, “Butterfly! Butterfly!” It’s so cute.

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