You don’t often think about going to the beach in November, especially if the purpose of your trip is to see butterflies… but at Natural Bridges State Beach they have a grove of Eucalyptus trees which are a butterfly haven. Based on their migration patterns, the best time to see a ton of butterflies is in November. So, last Saturday we headed to the beach!
The Natural Bridges Eucalyptus trees are home to the Monarch Butterfly (see below 🙂 This butterfly was all by itself up near the visitor center in a little garden area where they showcase each kind of plant that the butterflies need to survive. 
We also saw several caterpillars in the garden. Clearly, they like these plants. The butterfly expert said that these particular plants are not as abundant as they used to be, so the butterfly population is dwindling. They said that if we plant these in our garden (alongside purple flowers to attract the butterflies) we can have butterflies and caterpillars in our own garden. I was convinced, so we bought a packet of seeds. We’ll see how it goes!

Down in the grove of Eucalyptus trees all you have to do is look up to see hundreds of butterflies. Those tiny little black dots on this picture are all butterflies. And those are just the ones who decided to fly around.

Tons more were just hanging out on the trees (it was a tiny bit too cold for them to be flying around).

Here’s a close up of the tree. You can see there are lots of butterflies just quietly sitting on the branches.

 Charlotte liked the butterflies, but she was most excited about the beach.

Ah yes, here we are with the sand between our toes.

While we were playing in the sand, Charlotte grabbed her bucket and politely said, “go get water.” We were pretty far away from the water and we didn’t want to get up, so Chris decided to distract her by telling her to go chase the bird. And she did. This is about as close as she ever got. 

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