It was about this point when we looked at our schedule/calendar and realized that we weren’t sure we were going to have enough time to find an apartment and unpack before Chris started his job in October. So we decided shorten our trip by about five days. This meant that our only stop in Houston, Texas was for dinner. But we couldn’t have picked a better place for dinner. Pappasitos was delicious!! We loved it.

We had one day to see San Antonio. Our first stop was the Mission San Jose. This mission was founded in 1720 and served the Coahuila indians.

Very pretty architecture.

This area has been used for quite a few different purposes over time. It was interesting to read about how the mission and surrounding areas have changed and finally been preserved.

And this is…. THE ALAMO! We remember. Several weeks prior to coming to San Antonio we watch the movie The Alamo. Since neither of us really knew anything about the Alamo we thought it was very helpful. When we walked through the building and read the signs that told of the history we understood what it was referring to because we already had an idea of what happened here and why it was so important.

Our couchsurfing host was a family living just outside San Antonio. They had two children who were so much fun. They were very excited to have us stay with them. They wanted to show us all around the house and Zia even showed us their pet ducks.

This is a picture of the whole family. They were wonderful hosts, and we had a great time getting to know them.

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