I’m going to try to keep the second half of the Puerto Rico adventure short and sweet. I keep thinking someday this blog will be current, but I’m not sure we’ll ever catch up 🙂

We finally stopped at a roadside stand after passing them all and saying, “we should stop and buy some fresh fruit,” dozens of times. I’m holding a coco frio in the picture. They just chop off the top of a coconut and put a straw inside to drink the juice. It was… not my favorite drink, but it was interesting. We also bought some really good bananas.

Using tripadvisor.com we found a highly rated restaurant that was close to the condo, La Estacion. We decided to venture out and boldly go where many had gone before. We enjoyed another delicious mofongo and an amazing dessert! Thinking of that banana turnover still makes us drool.

Later that evening we went on a BioBay Kayaking tour. Basically you kayak down a river into this bay that has tiny microscopic creatures that thrive there. When the micro-organisms are moved they emit a tiny light and glow. So when you run your hand or your paddle through the water it glows!

It was a full moon out so you couldn’t see the bioluminescence as well. Our tour guide had brought a tarp and we took turns putting the tarp over our canoes to block out as much light as possible. When it was this dark we could splash the water on our legs and watch little green drops of water trickle down our legs. It was really neat. Unfortunately this bioluminescence is pretty much impossible to take a picture of. The guide told us that many professional photographers had tried their hand at trying to capture them on film, but all had failed. Though we were told professionals had failed… we still tried. And surprisingly, we couldn’t do it either.

The next day we went to the Arecibo Observatory where (as hinted by Chris in the picture) one of the James Bond movies was filmed. It is a thrilling fight scene as they slide down the giant satellite dish. Even while standing and staring at this giant dish, you still can’t comprehend how large it really is. They have some of the panels on display so you can try to understand the scale.
After the Arecibo Observatory, we raced to the airport to catch our flight to the Dominican Republic.

The road we drove to get there had tons of tolls. It was a good thing we kept cash on hand. The last important lesson we learned on this trip is that the baggage check for international flights closes 40 minutes before the flight leaves. No matter how much you plead with them… there is nothing they can do. We were extremely lucky because another flight was leaving shortly after the flight that we uh, missed.

All things considered, we had a really great time in Puerto Rico and would love to go back someday, if not solely for the purpose of eating another banana turnover at the La Estacion, mmmm….

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