After 3 months of blissful marriage, Brittany and I figured it was time to start the obligatory “Newlywed Blog.” (It has now taken an additional 3 months to get this first post written and posted.) So here it is: The Jones Account. Hopefully it’ll be a slightly entertaining account of our lives to keep up-to-date with family and friends. It’s just so much easier than actual human contact.

Since this is the first post, we’ll start things off by noting that Brittany and I were married on October 6, 2009! The Mt. Timpanogos temple was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and taking pictures was a party!

After the dance party picture time, we headed to the informal luncheon, which we almost entirely missed (having a bit too much fun with the pictures). Thankfully, Mom saved us a plate! The reception that evening was a blast! I was so amazed, “Man! All these people came to see me! Of course, the truth is everyone came to see my beautiful bride, but I sure enjoyed the ego boost of my imagined popularity!

We were both so happy that the whole wedding day went without any terrible mishaps (that we know of). It was wonderful to share this blissful day celebrating with family and friends.

Following the wedding, we went on a fabulous honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico for about a week. And yes, we got married and took a honeymoon right in the middle of the semester. School didn’t seem to be the most important thing at that moment. Actually, going on the honeymoon right after the wedding was exactly what we needed. After spending months planning the wedding and trying to work and go to school, we really needed the break. We naturally had piles of homework assignments waiting for us when we got back, but we also had each other. (awwww…)

Let the adventures begin!

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  1. Ramona
    Ramona says:

    We love it, Chris and Brittany! And we are especially happy that you two found each other. Now Dad and I can relax and enjoy our mission!


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